Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

When HE says one can say NO!

I am inspired by this Picoult line... when God says one can ever say no 

I still can vividly remember how I got hold of a book by Jodie Picoult, and it was my very first book she authored..."Handle with Care" and I couldn't afford to just go without me having that copy. I read the back cover where a short glimpse of the whole story is written. After reading that book... I crave for more of Picoult ....

 Her books are highly recommended for someone like me who loves to read, and am sure again that you will never get tired of her and her novels... plus your shelves won't be complete without you adding some Picoult on it. 

I am halfway done reading Keeping Faith and I just got a new book again given by my son who instead of me giving him a gift on his turned out to be the other way around. He let me choose from bulks of books on the shelves and I have but one author in mind... Picoult... 
To my Arvin, belated HBD  and I wish you all the luck in this world...Thank you for the gift, I truly treasure our friendship and the mother-son-thingy. I love you to no end. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Time out!

Unless it's a good joke there's nothing to worry about. Let's enjoy first and be a little funny and crazy. This is one day where we can share and spend some time out kindheartedly in spite of the grueling days of busy work in the office or even at home.  Anyone can crack a joke and make fun but... be sure it's nothing but mere light jokes to be enjoyed and not to severe others. Some pranks are harsh and some are just being funny. Just blame yourself if one friend shun you for a few days for your not-a-nice-prank...letting her skid on banana peel. Ooops, not that silly one please, you will surely get a sharp stare after that prank. If it hurts then think of another one that will throw you both in laughter.

So, good luck!

If someone wants to be a part of your life, he surely will make an effort to do so...even if you're ~halfway around the planet~ !!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just getting it off their chest...

The Aquino administration is receiving negative reactions from social media due to the voices of enormous Yolanda victims airing their true sentiments  on how they act a bit slow distributing the foreign aids after the violent Yolanda left the Philippines. Been days of thirst and hunger, cold and many got sick' old and children alike...and many cadaver still lying there without proper-handling of the casualties.  It's all over the news and am sure you or we are all updated to what's happening to ill-stricken provinces specially the hardest hit city of Tacloban. On my FB page I saw and read one post advising people not to judge the administration swiftly since that person saw a particular team working hard to help the victims in Tacloban for that day he took his family out of that devastated province. This urged me to write what I thought's more right. Having seen what he saw doesn't equate to what is really happening everywhere. So let's give their chance ... no gagging, no covering-ups please...let all these criticisms be heard for the betterment of our country's immediate action in time of crises.

let's respect people who's now shouting out their grievances as long as they don't go overboard and incite extreme harshness against the government since they have the right to be heard also, specially those who are in battered areas and who've lost their loved ones. elected officials are there to serve and help at their utmost capacity. we are just silently observing their actions, and this latest horrific-devastation gave people enough courage to speak their minds and so, let their woes be heard...

let **some** government officials receive all the flaks they deserve... they should all be under the scrutiny of the people who put them all in power.

PS/The mysterious 10 billion php Napoles  empire proves for the nth time that there are really this honcho-connivances and wrong-doings in our government. 

If no one will criticize, then who will...and when...?! Let it be fair and square...

Standing sentinel...after the devastation

The 88-foot pine or "the miracle tree" that has been artificially restored.
The only tree that survived the 2011 tsunami in Japan ( Iwate prefecture)
The only tree that survived Yolanda in Hernani, Eastern Samar, PH

**Photo by Franz Lopez/Rappler**

Monday, November 11, 2013

Soar like an eagle...

"When a storm is coming, all other birds seek shelter. The eagle alone, avoids the storm by flying above it."

So, when life gives us storms as most likely it does... may our heart soar like an eagle... with our faith acting as shields to overcome everything. (leonoreaquino)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life is unpredictable, it changes along with every individual. Today you have and tomorrow you may not have, be thankful for the good that stays with you...

(bruised from IV injection)

I have been complaining of my knee pain since I got back here last June. But yesterday I couldn't help but go to my doctor at Medical City for consultation. I was given Diclofenac via IV and stayed at ER until it's done. It just took about less than three -hour-stay. And off we went home after paying the bills. Really, health is our only wealth...

Sunday, October 27, 2013


I haven't been updating my blog since my last post. Our internet server has got so many issues and I was compelled to terminate the contract and applied for another.

Am back now. Cheers...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

For you nanay...

"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever... "

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Love and light from the Philippines...

Took me some hours thinking if I should post this or not. But just to tell the whole world how sadly horrified everyone is about this tragedy that took the whole world again by surprise, here it is. My heart and everyone else I believe...really goes out to people who were innocently victimize in just one flick  before the finale end of the famous marathon. And as a mother I felt so heartshaken when in the news...a little child of age eight...unsure if it's a boy or a girl... gave his dad a kiss before the latter went on with his struggle to be at the finish line, then minutes later the bomb shook the vicinity where the child was. Unluckily he didn't make it. How could anyone imagine the horror it gave that fateful day where cheering and enthusiasm should be and not  those loud wailing and sirens of the ambulance were heard.

How can anyone harbor such great hate if these were made out of terrorism? Or was it an accident? No matter what comes up of the already took some lives and have left big scars to all the victims' family and friends as well...

 I changed the video which appears less gruesome than what I posted earlier. . . to give respect for all the victims and their families.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My bad, I am lazying...

my arrival
Forgive me if I am now lazying. The truth is I still feel so weak. I was rushed to the hospital the early morning of Feb 28, but due to a lot of reason, say the traffic and my doctor's we found out that our car was in color coding that prohibit us to use we hailed a taxi and it was already late afternoon when I was finally admited to 11th floor room 3110...The Medical City. So my complaint was the sharp pain coming from my lower spine. The doctors asked my pain rate and I told them it was between 9 and 10. They immediately inserted an IV with pain reliever after allergy skin test. It somehow eased the pain gradually after...but the thing was that I couldn't move much. All the time that I spent inside the hospital, I was crying coz it was only a few days away from my booked flight to Japan. I told my dilemma to my doctors...and they said it could be rebook...I said no please. One of the advised I got from them was to undergo which I begged off...simply becoz I was so afraid of the machine itself. But when my daughter said so...I did comply. So I prepared myself...and so it was done and one thing I could felt eerie inside as if I have been buried alive. I was given something to hold on to just in case I did panic one squeeze means terminating the whole, that's wasting a little fortune so I braved myself and so it went smoothly. It's done and I was happy coz I made it at last.

While at the hospital, I was made to do some  physical therapy exercises under Doctor Calma's care. I never walk, they ushered me via the use of hospital bed on the first day and later on with the wheel chair. God is soooo good to me that I still can grateful for this alone. The pain I had was so excrutiating and debilitating...but still now I can walk using my two feet. And I had to impress them that I was getting well...but the truth is it still hurts til now, a lesser pain I have to take care of myself coz I know this is a serious matter. But sad to say that when I was at the NAIA for my flight last 16th of this month...I was made to carry my big luggage (with wheels) weighing about 23 kls, lifted it to the cart coz no one was with me except myself. was sooo heavy for my sorry for myself.

And so now am here now with my daughter in Japan...resting most of the time. It feels like I am still in the hospital coz all I have to do is just rest, sleep and surf. The moment I got home I threw up a lot, oooppsss sorry. The ride up above was so bumpy during the last half of the flight...due to strong winds said the captain (hooray for Capt. Bobby Gonzalez and company, yes I remember the name, I have to coz I am so impress that, that big plane landed so smoothly, as if it wasn't that big a plane)...

I am looking forward to our first Sakura viewing for this year, next Saturday...I love cherry means new hope...and new beginning!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another." - Napoleon Hill

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcoming 2013 and bidding 2012 with a big smile ; )

Year 2012 has been so good to me, us...and so am about to bid  2012 with a smile.

Thank you Lord for making our year a wonderful one. Hope this 2013 will gonna bring another good one.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Miss Universe 2012

Congratulations to Miss USA for bagging the title of Miss Universe 2012 and most specially to our representative Miss Janine Tugonon for winning 1st runner up...

Miss USA
Miss Philippines
Filipinos are proud of you!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

"Violence in, violence out"

It's written somewhere and I quote "that once violence goes in, it comes right out", unquote. There is no doubt that when children are managed by using the threat of violence, punishment, or guilt...surely most of them will resort to violence, punishment, or guilt as well when they feel out of control as a way to regain control. Without a new way of managing and controlling children, they will become increasingly violent and continue to behave in dysfunctional ways. Either they will act out in rebellious and aggressive ways, or they will turn that violence inward and abuse themselves with low self-esteem. Either they hate others or they hate themselves, and often feel both.

I am recommending  Children are from Heaven by J. Gray...a good read for all parents.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tearful day...

Almost everyone was moved to tears  about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. Some innocent  children who have a lot ahead of themselves have been deprived of tomorrows and had left their families in great shock. The lone troubled-gunman was identified as Adam Lanza, just about 20 year old boy for whatever reason sprayed bullets on everyone in his path.  The report says, after killing his mother...drove himself to school and gunned down 26 people...young and old...and made the quiet town in chaos for hours...and maybe it will gonna take months or years  to heal the pain of this unfortunate and fateful incident specially to the victims' families as well. But for the parents of those little kids, am sure the pain will always linger  forever, knowing their children could have lived longer and shared their dreams together.

The world is praying altogether for the souls of all the victims of that tragic rampage.

And now... the question is, what drove this young man to do that irrational and evil act of killing?


I know that the pain incurred in your lives something very very difficult and  irreconcilable.

This song was written by Chris Martin in collaboration with the rest of the band members during the time when Chris' wife Gwyneth Paltrow was grieving over his father's death...

I dedicate this song for everyone who is in grieving time right now...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just around the corner...

gets me so inspired and feeling like a kid again to see Christmas trees and all the gleaming festive lights!

my Xmas 2010 in Japan